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Into Heroic Dragon Soul!

Important Stuff to Talk About
Morning, strange furry things.

It's been ages since someone's updated the guild website. That's probably because we've had things going on about the site - however, we've been active in-game. That's a good thing.


At the time of this post, we're 60-70% through Dragon Soul's timeline, I'd assume. We've currently beaten one Heroic mode fight, and are still working our way through progression. We've also gotten our second raid team up and running, thanks to the combined efforts of Jinxer and Netty. To this extent, I wanted to, at the suggestion of Oaks, to point out, in a more visible fashion, these websites:

These three sites are very good overall for improving your mains, alts, other people's alts, your pets... Etc. Read them if you find them helpful - Every little bit helps.

In addition, I wanted to talk about MoP and what we know from it now:

  • Monks are the new class. Obviously. Tank, Healing, Damage specs.
  • Mana is being normalized across the board - 100k at 85, and assumed to be 200k at level 90. Ability costs are being changed, however, Intel will no longer provide mana, so Spirit will be our primary regeneration tool.
  • I'm whining about Priests for now but I'm just being mostly silly. :P
  • Things are subject to change on a whim - if you notice a problem with a class or ability or whatever, discuss it, but don't rage about it.
  • We are on the Lost Isles (US) server, under our normal guild name.
  • I'm apparently the only one leveling a Monk in the guild. ._.

That being said, raid-level gear is set to be 463 for Heroic blues, 476 for entry epics, including Crafted items. Just a note... May wanna get 460-465 average iLvl to start for the raids, but of course we'll be doing instances for precisely that.

Until next time~

I nominate this to be our guild theme. And since no one argued, it is official! This is our guild theme! :D
Welcome to Jerboa
We are a social raiding guild on Aman'thul. We are mostly formed by ex-guildies who enjoyed (and in somecases missed) raiding with each other so much we have reformed bigger and better.

We are here to casually raid and have a heap of fun doing it in a stress free environment. (sometimes its stress free. Sometimes JD's a tool.)

Guild Master: Oaksbane
Raid Leaders: Oaksbane, Iamoneto, Firejinxer (the last two work together)
Officers: Deanta, Dyriana
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